Avatar issues

See Otto's thread on Avatars. The problems seen are

  • delays in people seeing a changed or new avatar
  • Avatar changed itself back to on older image (may have been down to having 2 tabs open)
  • Trudi's avatar disappeared
Problems are not re-occurring, but let's just keep an eye out for issues
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Hi Bob
Happy to have a look at your avatar - easiest way will be to upload the pic via 'upload a file' and I can check it from there. File size seems to be a common issue
Hi Bob
That's interesting. Maybe there is still a time lag, which appeared to be the case last night. I'll leave it up for an hour or so, and see if you start seeing it ok.

In the meantime, both images are now well within the allowed filesize, so if they are on your computer simply hover over your name in the top right hand corner & select 'avatar' from the left hand of the drop down. Click browse to find you file on your computer & hey presto your avatar should be uploaded.

Tom Cannavan

Ian, I am seeing Bob (silver-haired old fox twirling his moustache mysteriously) as your avatar. It is reported as being only 3kb in size.

Tom Cannavan

I would have thought so, but I am not expert! You can usually clear the cache via the history button on many browsers too, if you want to.
if you look at the supposed image location for Bob's avatar it is:
a) there doesn't seem to be an image in that location
b) the ?1450871634 is a generated (tied to time of upload?) numeric string to avoid caching issues - as it is generated separately on each upload when a new avatar is uploaded you should have a new URL (even though the image file name is the same) meaning that your browser should automatically reload it - therefore ctrl-f5 should make no difference...
which would suggest an issue with the avatar not having uploaded, but the record having been entered in the database...
a techie could confirm this by checking whether that actual graphic is sitting at that location (possibly not as you can't show it separately at that URL) or whether there is a read/write permissions issue - either way, it could be an issue with the upload process thinking it has completed / failing / but having made the assumption, therefore not validating success

Hi Alisdair
That seems logical

Probably best for you to try the upload again using one of the two images you sent me. Ping me when you do and I can check it to see if it's showing up