Ballast Point Grunion Pale Ale w/Fresno Chiles (5.5%)

At the Ballast Point Miramar brewery tap, served in a 16oz tulip glass. A nose of freshly squeezed orange juice hid the spicy assault that then followed in the flavour profile. Slight smokiness and tropical Mosaic hops strode over the palate before the chili peppers kicked in with unabated enthusiasm, essentially burning the throat, tongue, lips and probably anything else the beer came into contact with.

Once the fire burned off, you were left with sweet, sticky, rich orange marmalade, apricots and a touch of mango on the palate. Any malt presence was well and truly burnt into oblivion. The chiles lasted long into the finish, making this 5.5% beer a sipping beauty nicely balanced between sweet fruit and spicy peppers. A very nice variation on the Grunion Pale Ale.