Barolo producers who don't use oak?

Thanks all - some great input here. I will be following up a couple of them.

Use of Chestnut or cherry is very relevant to my larger topic actually!

For anyone who's interested, the topic at large will be Decanter's cover article for the May issue.
I've drunk Swiss wine aged in pine barrels, a "Vin de Glacier" from the Valais. It tasted rather similar to retsina, though finer. I'm not sure how widespread the use of pine is, though I know that premium (for want of a better word) retsina is now being made in Greece and I'd bet that pine vessels are better than pine resin (is that the equivalent of oak essence?).
I'm familiar with "Vin de Glacier", pretty striking stuff. But not relevant to my question here as it's just about Italy.

I don't know of anyone in Italy using Pine!