BNS Brewing Gatling Gun Imperial Stout (9%)

BNS is located in Santee, a dusty town situated in a dry valley a few miles east of San Diego.

This brewery - with its gunslinger motif - was looked down upon by the more trendy "surfer dude" breweries in San Diego, but this all changed in September 2015 when BNS won the coveted Gold Medal in the American IPA category at the Great American Beer Festival; their Revolver IPA (6.5%) beating 335 other entries.

This was followed by another Gold at the 2016 GABF - this time, Ole Prospector Red Ale (5.5%) in the Red/Amber category AND a Silver Medal for Gatling Gun in the Imperial Stout category.

So, Gatling Gun Imperial Stout, served in a pint glass at the BNS taproom. Pouring pitch black with an aroma of dark roasted coffee, the body was hefty, solid and creamy.

Rich flavours of roasted malt, coffee and dark chocolate were accompanied by nutty, vanilla notes. Chocolate and coffee stayed for the duration. It was surprisingly aggressively hopped in the finish, which really complimented the toasty flavours. The hop presence in this Stout clearly made it stand out, which clarified for us humble stout-pilgrims why this was a Gold Medal winner.

We were told that some variations of Gatling Gun are on the way...we can't wait.


With these beer names and the gunslinger image, this would surely be a favourite brewery of Donald Trump. But he does not appear to drink alcohol. One vice he has missed.
I haven't had many highly hopped stouts, though I do like them...The combination seems to work well. I used to drink Victory Storm King occasionally, though I haven't seen it for years...even the normal Sierra Nevada Stout had a nice hoppiness, I thought... Any idea which ones are used here? From your description it sounds like bittering hops, which I like in stouts...I think British hops work well. Yes, Trump doesn't touch the stuff. It was Obama who you occasionally saw with a beer in his hand...
Here's a quote from Wikipedia: "White House Honey Ale is the first beer known to have been brewed in the White House. The process began in January 2011 at the request of President Barack Obama who purchased the homebrewing kit using his personal funds".

George Washington brewed beer at Mount Vernon, but President Obama is the first to brew at the White House.

I still carry a Green Card, so I couldn't vote in the US election, but my wife is from New York and she is totally appalled at who we now have as President of the United States.

To take Alan's point, Mr. Trump would no doubt love the imagery behind BNS, but I prefer to remember the comments made by a group of Gastroenterologists I was working with a few months ago. The upcoming election came up in conversation and one of the Gastro team looked at me and said with a solumn face "If Donald Trump gets in, the world will not exist in five-years time".

So much beer to drink and so little time...