Bohem brewery

The concise summary is that this North London brewery was set up by a couple of Czech emigres to produce Czech style pilsner. I thought it was about time I evaluated it. Their standard 5% pilsner (actually 4.9%) is called Amos. The beer has quite good distribution in the local N22 area but it seemed like a good idea to try it at the brewery tap in Middleton Street. The man himself was behind the bar. Pint glasses are kept in the fridge and rinsed, continental style, before being filled.

Amos is pretty good, a hint of sweetness/honey but the characteristic bitter finish. When I got home I opened a bottle of Urquell to try to compare. As I expected the Urquell was immediately more bitter and a little bit more gassy, having a different effect on texture. However - although Urquell is my benchmark for this type - the Amos wasn't outclassed, in my mind anyway.

I'll go back and try again with some friends for a second and third opinion but it's a worthwhile addition to the landscape if you're within travelling distance