Bottle Conditioned Lager in Home bargains

This is from the Magic Spells brewery from East London. What on earth is this doing in Home bargains? It is called a 'craft lager', is 4.2% and brewed with Perle, Saaz and Tettnang hops (although they say hops such as these). I realised too late it was bottle conditioned but couldn't wait for it to settle. Any thoughts on this? I've never had a bottle conditioned lager before...
Interesting. My 2014 bottle-conditioned beer guide doesn't find the beer and my 2017 Good Beer Guide doesn't find the brewery. I found the brewery website but it doesn't say how old the brewery is. I would think they are pretty new.

Bottle-conditioned lager is quite rare. I think I have only ever had two; King Cobra, which apparently is classed as a British beer, although it's an Indian lager, and Christoffel, which I believe is Dutch(or is it Belgian?)
Yes, that was my first...But there was something funny in the aroma...and then in the taste. A hint of rhubarb...Does anyone know what this might be? How would that have got into the beer?
As a slight aside, I constantly pick up mint in Caledonian's 3-hop craft lager, which I guess is a starter point for your rhubarb, David - hops (especially fancy-dancy "experimental" ones) might be capable of it. Of course, it could just be rhubarb extract - do they have to declare such things?
Rob, no, nothing to do with the hops. (I've had the Caledonian one, by the way.) More like a flaw in the beer (which might explain why it was in the shop). I definitely sensed that it shouldn't be there....It just tasted funny.