Bristol Beer Factory Bristol Hefe

Bottle-conditioned 500ml 4.8%

Aroma of banana, cloves, apple. A bit perfumed. The perfumed element is also in the taste which is of slightly sour apple, banana, clove and a hint of citrus. The finish is dryish but not that bitter.

This is a touch hoppier and more bitter than the norm but is still a good example of a Bavarian wheat beer; probably the best I have had from a British brewery and better than most of the German ones currently available in supermarkets.

Another good beer from a very good brewery.
Interesting Alan - and as discussed on the old forum, British brewers often seem to have struggled with the concept of wheat beer, so this one sounds like it worth trying
I think a lot of the problem for British brewers is using the right yeast. I know that St Austell artificially create the wheat beer flavour in their Clouded Yellow wheat beer by adding cloves, vanilla and coriander. This is because they didn't want their own yeast contaminated by a different yeast. This appears to be easier for smaller breweries with short runs. I don't think you are going to see an authentic Bavarian-style wheat beer from a bigger British brewery.
I would like to try this although I am not sure if I would like it. The only alcoholic drink I have tried that tasted of peppermint was brandy with peppermint cordial. This was a long time ago and was recommended by a friend. It was awful!