Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (Winter '15-'16)

This year it's great, much better than last year, I think...It's really smooth yet with a pronounced toast flavour. And (unusually for this beer) really good head retention, creamy and thick. Anyone else had this one yet? I'm very impressed with it.
Not had one yet but will look out for this. A beer I have really liked in the past. As a matter of interest, what didn't you like about last year's? I think I recall being underwhelmed by it but can't remember why.
Tried a glass of this last night. I haven't exactly done a dry January but had really cut back on alcohol, so a moist January and my palate slightly unused to strong beer, so that may account for the fact that I found it to be over-sweet. Certainly a creamy and thick stout, with bags of flavor. I really liked the toast flavor but my 17 year old son, who I gave a taste, identified what he described as a "burnt popcorn" note, which he found really unpleasant. I picked it up after he mentioned it but didn't dislike it.
This year's certainly seems much less harsh and rather sweeter than the 14-15 (I think many stouts at this strength can be sweet)...For me its the best value American Imperial Stout. Some of them can be really expensive...I think it might be my favourite Brooklyn beer...