TN Calon Segur 1982


“... but my heart is in Calon”. Marquis de Segur, previous owner of Lafite and Latour, describing his relationship with Calon Segur and thus the heart shape on the label.

Calon Segur 82

First bottle from a case of 12. Left the bottle standing up since last weekend.

The cork was wet through and slightly crumbly but came out in one piece.

Ruby colour with excellent clarity. Slightly dusty library on the nose with prunes...into the decanter it went. Not too much sediment.

Served with duck pie from the 10 Greek Street dine at home box (lovely by the way).

After an hour or so the dusty old leather started to blow away to be replaced with red berries. On the palate there are cranberries, cherries and tobacco. Quite fulfilling in the mouth, rich and tart with the acid still there supporting the fruit well. Lovely long finish.

If it wasn’t for the dusty library on opening, you would think this was much younger than it was. However that does accurately indicate the age of this wine whose heart is still beating strong.
Lovely note and glad it was showing so well. Must be a nice feeling knowing there are 11 remaining...

My experience of Calon is limited to 2005 en magnum which was served BTG via Coravin at 67PM and drinking fantastically. It was sufficient to provide an insight into why people can absolutely love Calon Segur.