Cancer pesticide in German beer

It is probably the weedkiller in Becks that gives it any flavour.

I don't drink the beers named and can't remember when I last drank a German beer so this wouldn't keep me awake at night.

How is weedkiller getting into beer? Is it used on the grain or is it used for sterilisation? Why is it only in German beer, or has it just been found in German beer but is actually in beers in other countries?

Doesn't say much for the German Purity Laws.
It was only German beer that was tested. When you look at the actual results, you'd have to be drinking over a 1000 litres of beer a day to be approaching the safe limit for glyphosate.

Glyphosate is sprayed on wheat (and barley probably) just before harvest to cause the plant to shut-down, which dries the kernels, preventing rot.
I'd be surprised if glyphosate was used in the production of malting barley. It would need to be applied around two weeks before harvest and can have a significantly detrimental effect on the vigour and germination of the harvested barley seeds. Most uk maltsters require a minimum 98% germination which can be tricky to achieve without putting any further obstacles in the way.