Auction Catalogue up 13th July

The catalogue is now up on our website for the 13th July live sale. 475 lots of vinous loveliness. The rest of the images will go up tomorrow once my computer has sorted its life out.
The Summer Sale

unlucky for some, but I'm not superstitious, so Bacchus wine auctions next live sale will be Thursday 13th July at 67 pall mall. We already have a rather wonderful list of wines to sell including wines from leflaive, roumier, haut brion, clape, jaboulet... actually I'll stop there, we have got some seriously good kit already with perfect provenance.

Always room for more though so if you'd like to consign then there's a great deal for you to be had on
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Lovely catalogue, which prompted me to sign up and participate. I almost didn't do it, though, due to the requirement to communicate my payment information. Almost no other wine auctions ask for this (and I participate in one or two of those every week across europe!!!!). That's an open invitation to hackers.
Thanks Thomas,

The payment question has been raised previously - it's not for taking payment but is essentially a security measure, the whole thing is linked to sagepay and mastercard 3d security - we never get to see your payment details or passwords or anything like that, but by entering the details it cross references your name and address with the card details. If someone manages to hack sagepay or worldpay then we're all in trouble!

For the rest of you, still plenty of time to put in some bids!