Château Bernadotte 2015 Ex Farr Vintners

Typically 2-3 months seems the norm at the moment. Given that you only pay for storage from when it appears on the website I’m good with that. I am pretty relaxed about this given that so far I’ve put in a few dozen cases and they’ve all arrived...
Mine just appeared in my Seckford list.

Interestingly a couple of IB orders recently came in after a month or so. For some reason processing DP orders seems to take longer - not sure why but the storage costs clock only starts ticking when they add the wines to your account, I'm pretty relaxed about it.
I guess this demonstrates a pretty consistent 2 month timeline for transfers coming into one's L&W reserves at the moment then. Probably 20 odd cases in my backlog waiting to appear but I guess with it meaning storage costs are deferred, no biggie.
I have just realised that maybe I have got this round my neck. L&W store for you. So, there is not L&W for me (although I stored with then in the past) I store at LCB Vinotheque, same place that L&W store for others (they used to run the entire place before LCB) and that is where I received my wine from Farr Vintners, I apologise.
Mine have appeared as well in my L&W account. Re Dominic’s question, it is probably a wine to drink early otherwise the storage charges may mount up faster than it appreciates in value. We are funding this at above 10% pa. To me this argues for pulling them out and starting on them this year. It is afterall a very good and accessible vintage.