NWR Charles Morgan radio show at 5pm today

This was on the chat. Might give some clues.

Could we have the third of Schoenberg's Sechs Kleine Klavierstucke op 19 please, Charles? I'm afraid that even in 2021 people still find this music rather unpleasant but it's fantastically short.

What a delightful piece by Clive Jenkins, and how nice to know that he lived a profitable life after the time I used to enjoy his TV performances as general secretary of the ASTMS in the 1970s.

Watch it Mr Northern Rhone!
If we can't have Schoenberg can we have Rachmaninov's 'Polka De W.R', preferably played by Shura Cherkassky? if anyone doesn't like that they are a lemon!!
There are no coincidences, but I purchased a bottle of Chave Hermitage from Mr. Morgan a few years ago.
The plot thickens. I note that a recently consumed Chave Hermitage '05 was purchased from a Forumite. In the circumstances, anonymity seems appropriate.