Cognac & Cognac Glasses

I was wondering if other forumites were partial to a cognac?

I have recently finished a bottle of Delmain Pale & Dry XO received for my Birthday in May which I really enjoyed, very balanced.

I have realised the key for me is not to have Cognac too late at night as otherwise I tend to suffer poor sleep and heartburn, but rather as a weekend Digestif after lunch.

I was thinking to explore a few more in that sort of price range (£75-150) including Delamain Vesper, Frapin vintage and TWS own XO (Delamain sourced) - although I have only ordered the latter. Any particular recommendations?

On glasses - I have to date been using some rather large balloons but I have found they tend to exaggerate the alcoholic heat to the detriment of the other elements - a set of tulip glasses on my Christmas list to see how they compare, I suspect the balloons will be heading to the charity shop.
A lifetime of experimentation has taught me that Digestifs are digestif in name only, unless one fancies Andrew's liver salts. Cognac is delicious, of course.
Indeed - Cognac especially is not a good idea after excess consumption (be that food, wine, or most likely both).

I always feel like Amaro should actually have a digestif effect....
I like Cognac, as well as Armagnac and Spanish solera brandies. However I also like single malts and they tend to be so much better priced that I rarely indulge. Recently I have bought Tomatin and Highland Park for about 20 pounds a bottle, admittedly NAS, but I know that a simple VS would cost more.
You can still get Delamain Early Landed Cognacs that come to the UK after a couple of years of ageing in Cognac and spend the majority of their life ageing in the UK before being shipped back to France for bottling. UK cellars I think are higher humidity and lower temperature than Cognac so the cognac would stay lighter in colour and fruitier than a counterpart aged entirely in Cognac for the same period. Hine does Early Landed bottlings as well, normally a bit pricier than Delamain.

I have had Early Landed cognac from L&W in the past and I am sure the likes of Berrys would do them as well.
I did actually buy a L&W bottled Delamain 1995 early landed on the back of Paul mentioning it on the thread on the main forum, quite different to the TWS (Delamain) XO - more floral and a bit lighter in profile (as expected); a very decent drop.

I got a couple of Riedel Vinium Cognac glasses for Christmas, which work much better than my old oversized balloons.
I think it is much more interesting on the ground in France than buying the usual names we see imported over here. Of course a trip across the Channel is easier said than done in current times. There is an awful lot of below the radar Cognac and Armagnac that potentially merits attention. If you are a Vinous subscriber Jason Wilson did an in-depth article on Cognac last year which comes highly recommended.

Also if I may make a suggestion - Chapoutier makes an artisanal vintage dated Hermitage brandy - looks like quality stuff - aged 20+ years - 42% ABV - check their website for a wealth of further details - and price point looks v. decent too for the quality (if only you could get it shipped to the UK)
Just picked up a litre bottle of Bisquit 3star Cognac from the 1970s at auction for a hammer price of £25 can’t wait to try it. 40-50 years of glass ageing can do interesting things to spirits.
I only have a couple of bottles , bought in France a couple of years ago. A micro producer from a 5 house village (XO) and a heritage 70-80 year old number from amother small producer north of cognac.
I’m not sure when I will drink these as don’t often take a cognac. We need to find a way to integrate into an offline as would be interested to get views on what’s in the bottle from regular drinkers.
Just had the first couple of glasses of the Bisquit 3 star from the 1970s. It is lovely, nice nose with singed raisins and a soft mellowness to it and fine flavour.

3 star is the old designation for VS so this is entry level Cognac with limited barrel ageing. One notices that on the finish as this is quite short and not especially complex. However nearly 50 years of glass ageing has certainly added something as this is far superior to any VS Cognac I’ve had.