CoolHead Salted Licorice Raspberry Sour

CoolHead Salted Licorice Raspberry Sour - 5% abv; 4,10€ / 0,33 can

I'm not so sure about the "sour" part but everything else is amazing about this can of sweet goodness. It's a pretty small local brewery so of no interest to anyone here but me. But my goodness the combination of licorice and raspberry is the most inspired I've ever sensed. I mean it's thick, heavy, sweet and the sourness is pretty minimal (even though this is a brewery specialised in sours), but I'll forgive all that for the sheer ecstatic sensations of what salted licorice and raspberry can do to each other. As a sour beer: 3/10. As a sensory experience: ∞/10.

I've always loved licorice, but I'm still yet to acquire a taste for the salted version. Perhaps I'm influenced by chewing into what I thought was a simple licorice sweet in Meli park, Belgium (aged 10). Discovering pepper on the inside was a deeply unpleasant experience.

I have enjoyed some of the Italian licorice beers, though Italian licorice is a little more to my tastes