Coopers Brewery Sparkling Ale (5.8%)

Has anyone heard of Pride of Ringwood hops (I hadn't)? Well, they're in this beer. Are they the original Australian hop (or rather, the first hop used in Australia)? Anyway, they give this murky beer a nice bitter kick (and who knows what flavour? Fruity?)). The brewery tells us to mix the massive amount of sediment in (though the bottle is more ambiguous, as you would expect (it is now stocked by Morrisons, after all)). But the yeast is the original yeast from the beer, not an alien variety added just for the bottle, which is important to know. This has been around for more than a century...Has it changed (it might not have done)? Is this close to what English pale ales used to taste like? The beer is highly carbonated, though it softens as one nears the bottom of the glass, and it has a very nice, yeasty/ (possibly) hoppy taste to it...I was pleased to see it again. I haven't had for many years. Anyway, I wonder whether people are familiar with this hop...
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I might be wrong but I think this is a pretty ordinary hop that was once prized for high alpha content. Breweries started look to cut costs in the 60s by reducing the hop bill through selecting hops with better bittering characteristics. And look what happened to beer in the UK in the 70s as a result. I have never used it. Cooper's make cracking beers though.