NWR Cover songs that are better than the original

Back on the theme of the OP
This live James Taylor version is for me way superior to even the brilliant original.
This is the very best of many renditions JT has done over the years.
Lump in the throat warning as the vocal purity can only come from someone who has lived a bit....and then some.

Challenge accepted.

It's a live version, and no, it isn't as good as the original, but I reckon that this version of Kerosene is actually in the vicinity.

And it's a LOT better than this:

Nice one Geordie (finally got round to listening) - I like bits of both, but the Pitchshifter one, whilst having some nice noises, is far too well-behaved: this is a song glossed by the bassist as:

'There's only two things to do (in small-town America). Go blow up a whole load of stuff for fun. Or have a lot of sex with the one girl in town who'll have sex with anyone. 'Kerosene' is about a guy who tries to combine the two pleasures'

I don't know much St Vincent, but that's NOT what I thought their usual milieu!
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On the subject of Bowie, I can't recall whether I proposed his version of Amsterdam. It only challenges the original in that it changes the words in a few places to give it more of a dockside edge, and in his delivery he sounds even more louche than Brel or Walker, an achievement even for him.
Awesome is the word! This is clearly a band that takes itself very seriously. I'm not sure their boundless enthusiasm is enough to make me switch away from the original, but it certainly brought a smile to my face.
Came across this one recently. I love the original but this one is just awesome! You need to play it very loud though to get the full impact of the guitars...

Maybe I do need to play it loud but it seems a bit one dimensional and you don't get the feel of the bass.

And returning to the Blue Monday theme, the YouTube algorithm just threw this up.

Better and a very original take, if only for the use of Riedels in the sound ;)

Overall though, the NO version is still the best:)
There are some really good versions on there. I love the way he effectively turned Shake it Off into a Bruce Springsteen song. My daughters forced me to listen to the original version of the album over and over and over again, so it was a relief to find the Ryan Adams version, which was mostly more to my taste.
She's nowhere near as cool as Ms Harry.:cool: Vocal seems to be a bit forced as well.:(

The worst thing for me in a cover is when they just copy the original. What's the point? The musical arrangement is exactly the same as the original. Even though I don't like the singing, at least it's not the same as the original.