NWR Cricket

As I pointed out on WA group when teams announced, the odder decision was to select only one frontline spinner. India went in with three - but what do they know about conditions in Ahmedabad?
Notwithstanding his results, Root is a mediocre captain.
Fortunately, I was too busy to follow play today.

I think Joe Root would say they’ve selected two frontline spinners :) Wicket with his first ball! Maybe he rates himself above Dom Bess at the minute!
What Roots effort shows first and foremost is that it was a mistake to go into the match with just one front line spinner.
True but even with the extra spinner would India have been skittled out for much less than 145? Who knows?

Once again Rohit has shown everyone how to bat in these conditions. Too many English batsmen look like rabbits in the headlights.
India plainly out-played England so congratulations to them. I hope it is not being too whingey to note, in passing, that a Test Match where a part-time spinner takes 5 Indian wickets for 8 runs in 6.2 overs on the second day, possibly says more about the quality of the pitch than the quality of the bowler. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and and it is now obvious that it was a mistake not to have picked Bess. India would still have won though.
The shame of it here is that if this was a pitch in say, the west Indies, it would have been reported as unfit for purpose (so would the last one) but of course the ICB has all the power and influence in the game so it will go unchallenged.
I was going to say the same myself. I don't know what the pitch was like, but anywhere else in the world it would have got a lot of criticism. How often do you get more runs scored in a T20 game than a completed test match?
And just imagine what would have happened if there was no toss and England could have decided whether to bat first on a pitch that was obviously going to deteriorate.......

Only stirring! The pitch was an absolute joke for test cricket. Very difficult to bat against spin when both edges are being challenged with no possible way of guessing which particular one on any given ball.