Culture Brewing Co Peppermint Milk Stout (5.3%)

image.jpeg image.jpeg Nitro, on tap served in a 12oz snifter.
Culture Brewing Co is one of the new crop of SoCal breweries, situated just 30 minutes north of San Diego at Solana Beach. We discovered this little gem purely by chance and we've never looked back.

This was Culture's Milk Stout infused with peppermint for the Christmas hols, which was actually tapped while we were there. Pouring jet black in the glass with an off-cream head, the nose was pure peppermint with a touch of milk chocolate. I hadn't even tasted it and it was already incredible!

It got even better...featuring a smooth creamy body, delicious flavours of peppermint backed by caramel came immediately to the forefrount with milk chocolate supporting the cast. These creamy core flavours continued through to the finish with a mild hop bitterness. If Mint Aero was made into a 5.3% stout, this would be it!

A beautifully balanced, gorgeous, luscious beer and one I returned to a number of times over the Christmas period.
Flavours that definitely work together, but I reckon quite a decent feat to get them in the right balance for a whole glass, as such combinations can start to grate even 2-3 sips in if the balance isn't there. Sounds like they did it with aplomb.
Ian - Yes, most definitely done with aplomb. It's gratifying to see a small brewery turn out such high quality beers as Culture, especially when this region is saturated with brewing companies of all shapes and sizes...and not all of them stellar.