Dale's Pale Ale (6.5%)

I bought a can of this in a tiny Tesco (I haven't seen it in bigger ones) for £1.99. They also have two other beers from Oscar Blues Brewery. I think this was canned last month. Intensely bitter, utterly lacking the 'fruitiness' of many contemporary hoppy American beers (hops used are (I think!): Northern Brewer, Cascade, Columbus and Centennial). I'm impressed with it! I presume it's been around for a long time (the nineties?). Anyway, I much prefer this kind of hopping to the tropical fruit flavours of more recent beers...I strongly recommend it.
This really is a great beer. Unfortunately stocks are dwindling. perhaps they'll be getting a new shipment soon, but they haven't had new stock for quite a while. I bought three more cans today, at 3 for £5.00 it's a great deal for this beer. The more I drink it the more I like it. I might be wrong but it seems like a more intense version of SN Pale Ale, it must the Cascade hops...
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I'm drinking one that was canned last month. Intense malt sweetness, with a big hit of bitterness, this is the kind of flavour that drew me to American beer ten years ago...great!
I think you can only get it from the smallest Tescos, and only if they are close to a university. If you have a university near where you live, they should be there. It's certainly worth looking for.
Found some of this in a smallish city centre Tesco, canned at the end of February. Have to echo much of the prior notes; much less sweet than many American style IPAs, although there's enough malt to ensure the bitterness is quite pleasant and not unpalatable. Fairly big bodied, but hides the alcohol well. Enjoyable, and I'd certainly buy again, but it's something I couldn't drink more than a couple of cans of in a sitting.