Deal of the day?

Good price for such a rare bottle. Last year they even had Cathiard 1er crus. In such a snooty industry, love it that they sell the great and the good, much to the consternation (I am sure) of many. Utterly biased as I live near a Costco and have had a few trophy buys in the past such as LMHB 2014 for £105 all in.
But presumably it wouldn't taste as good as from mags, which I understand are "the perfect size"?
Loads of factors at play but in the main It depends as to wether the producer produces in the large format or transverges ( I think that is the term)from Mags.
Not sure how far Roederer go but I seem to recall Drappier do some large formats in the finished bottle.
Look out for a future Comtes tasting note from Dan!
This is indeed a rare and beautiful item, though due to it's pretty looking it was often displayed.... I remember Fortnum and Mason had one, at that time priced around £3000 which I thought expensive. How naive I was. Anyway, one day their shop floor manager decided to display the thing out of the box (under the light). Good luck to whoever purchased that Cristal, wish none of his or her potential guest is sensitive to light struck smell....