Does your wine taste match your character?

Quite surprised to read this morning about Italian research suggesting our preferred taste in wine reflects our emotional character; chianti or champagne for the extrovert, shiraz for emotionally stable and high alcohol New World for the agreeable. Sound like total hogwash to me. Copied a non-paywall link to the Mail below.

Different wine carries different social context (e.g. champagne is often connected to celebration), so that might have some psychological impact. Whether there is something physiological is hard to tell.

I can only say, as someone who occasionally set foot in non-champagne offline, the atmosphere in champagne offline and say bordeaux or burgundy offlines are very different. Just my personal feeling.
I note that while personality was assessed by a questionnaire, people self-reported their wine preferences. I wonder if the result would have been the same if they expressed a preference on the basis of a blind tasting. My suspicion is that many people like/drink/buy the wines they think they are expected to like, and that is what correlates with personality.
I think there definitely is something in the idea that our personality traits influence our taste in wine. Just like they do with music, painting, novels and food.
I have always assumed that alpha-male blokes will be more into higher-alcohol new-world style Syrahs, Malbecs etc. Alternative types who are anti-establishment will be into funky Natural wines. Those who like jazz and architecture have a preference for Burgundy and Barolo. Popular women will like Sauvignon blanc (at the moment) while more lighthearted ones will be into a Provence-style rosé.
It's all stereotyping of course but marketing research companies and big wine brands spend millions on this kind of stuff.
Well, Jon, I’d put myself in the jazz and architecture bracket, but I’d take claret over Burgundy any time, although I do like many nebbiolo wines and I accept that the best burgundies are the pinnacle of wine. I think perhaps that my personality category is that of a w*nker.

I’m a big fan of your wines, by the way, especially the reds.