Drink or sink?

We're having some work done prior to putting the house on the market and so I'm excavating the depths of the futility room. I found these. Best before dates are 1995 for the King & Barnes and range between 1998 and 2002 for the remainder.

I don't know the answer to the obvious question of why I didn't drink them years ago.
As King & Barnes has long since been defunct, the beer romantic in me particularly hopes you get a good result with the Christmas Ale.

Interesting blog on the subject by Martyn Cornell: “It was a version of Bass No 1, Ratcliff Ale, that was brewed and bottled in 1869 to celebrate the birth of a son, Harry Ratcliff, to one of the company’s partners, and a stash of Ratcliff Ale was discovered in cellars at Bass’s Burton upon Trent brewery in 2006. The beer was still sound and drinkable, despite being almost 140 years old, with a flavour, to me, between sherry and smoky Christmas pudding.”