Duvel Tripel Hop 2016

330ml bottle

The third hop here is, so they say, so new it does not yet have a name and is called Experimental Hop 291. The label says it releases aromas of black pepper, roses and lavender.

I can detect rose petal in the aroma, and I think, in the taste. I found the alcohol quite dominant in the first mouthful but, as I got used to this. I found it easier to pick out the various flavours. It is a bit tart and quite lemony with green apple, rosewater and other flavours I could not identify. It is quite spicy and a bit peppery. Fairly bitter.

Quite complex and interesting. I am not sure how this compares to the others. The only other one I have had was the 2010. I remember liking it but can't remember how it tasted.

I have read that they are going to release 6 packs of all the beers from 2010-2016. From a public vote, one of these will be chosen to be a permanent beer. As these are quite hoppy I am not sure how well they will age. The 2016 has a BBE of October 2017. Has anybody out there laid any of these down?
I'm sure those packs have been out for a while...I've had a few of years, but not the last two, I think...Unless I've had the 2015. I'm not sure...I have to say that overall I prefer the original Duvel...
I used to try these every year but missed the last couple, in general I found them a bit unbalanced and also prefer the original, but they certainly do improve after 6-9 months IMO

I actually found a bottle of the 2016 in a French Carrefour yesterday, as soon as it has cleared again I'll try it!
I tried the 2016 and have to say it's not my fave, prefer the regular Duvel. But I also found and opened a Tripel Hop Citra ("voted best Tripel Hop ever"), fairly massive grapefruit aroma, fabby follow through, must be tried IMO...