NWR Ear worms...what's playing today?

Ever since I first heard it 6-8 weeks ago, social media sensation Nathan Evans's version of "Wellerman" has lodged itself in my brain and surfaced (rather like one of the whales in the song) at regular intervals. It is extremely catchy and I can understand how it's caught on in the way it has.
I went to see Lindisfarne do their good old Geordie knees up thing a couple of times back when hair was long, but why in the name of all that is holy have I got their least interesting dirge 'Run for Home' on repeat?
Recently arrived Chemtrails over the Country Club - Lana Del Ray - in a similar vein to NFK, The Essential Gary Lucas & Damned Damned Damned - back filling my vinyl onto CD. The LP stands up very well, better the NMtB, I suspect.
My ear worm over the past few days is "Couldn't Get Ahead" by The Fall. It came on in my shuffled music collection in the car and stuck in ma heid, man. First thing I heard when I was waking up this morning.