NWR Ear worms...what's playing today?

That’s a bit harsh on Nick Lowe, though DDD sleeve notes mention there was only overdubbing on one track.
Iggy’s Metallic KO provides clear evidence why a decent sound engineer/producer should be employed.
Story is that DDD was recorded 'live' in the studio and completed in a couple of weeks. Probably partly to be the first UK Punk album to be released, as the Clash were only a couple of months behind them, and Stiff knew the kudos of being first. Bottom line is they are both great albums but my preference is for DDD and I'm sure its rawness positively influences my choice.
Ever since I first heard it 6-8 weeks ago, social media sensation Nathan Evans's version of "Wellerman" has lodged itself in my brain and surfaced (rather like one of the whales in the song) at regular intervals. It is extremely catchy and I can understand how it's caught on in the way it has.
I discovered today, because my brother collects the "Now That's What I Call Music" cds (don't ask why, think he's got into a habit) that the new one, released today (NOW 108) has a version of the Wellerman Song.