NWR Electricity Consumption Metering

Looking for a few thoughts from the Borg to an apparently tricky problem…

We are in a complex of seven new build houses and my neighbour asked me to check my consumption of electricity over the past year because she was astonished at how high hers appeared to be. Upon doing a few comparisons it seemed her consumption was around twice mine, which is strange because the houses are pretty much identical, but I’m additionally running an electric car charger and a very large wine air conditioner for my cellar and now a new kitchen with induction hobs instead of the gas which she is running.

She had a guy from e-on around to check and he basically shrugged his shoulders but pointed out that in new builds there have been horror stories of connection to locals lighting grids etc which I’m guessing would be difficult to isolate let alone prove, but before going down any of that route I though it might be advisable to check where in her house the electricity was being consumed.

Is there a cheap/simple/foolproof method of tracking where in her house the electricity is being consumed In such vast quantities? Portable meters/devices connected to software etc? We know what the annual consumption is so I suspect it wouldn’t be too difficult to extrapolate a few days findings.

Given that both her an her husband are hedge funds quants, I’ve already checked to see if they are running a bit-coin mining operation or a second hand Kray supercomputer, but they confirm that they are not…….

I don’t know if there is a temporary version but if you put one of these in line with every internal circuit you could sum up and check the smart meter is accurate.

No tools method is to flip your main breaker and see if smart meter is still going - that would show that something else was pulling from your meter. If not isolate circuits and go round turning stuff off.

Edit: competent electrician should be able to trace and tally up/isolate usage
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Assuming they have a smart meter, can they not check things by simply switching appliances on and off. Start by switching everything off and see if power is still being used.

Ah, I see George sort-of suggested that, but you needn't even mess with the consumer unit.
As others have said Mark, the simple way is to switch the "main" trip that should isolate every appliance in the house. Check for any meter consump[tion at this point. I am a C.Eng ( although mostly light current electronics stuff ) but the idea that street lighting is being wired to domestic loops is mind boggling. If there is nothing happening when the master trip is off, switch all the sub trips - the small switches in the trip box - usually named if done competently ( ie cooker, kitchen, water etc ) off. Then switch them on individually, and check each time for any jump in consumption on the smart meter. If something is found , they need an electrician and possibly a more technical bod fron the electric board to come visit - especially if there is consumption when the main switch is off or a big spike when one of the sub loops is switched on. PM me if you/they want more help.
There are inexpensive plug-in units readily available (amazon etc) for use with individual appliances. Stephen has posted pretty much what I was going to say (except the bit about being a C.Eng).
Thanks for the help so far. I’ve passed on to my neighbour.

One slightly tricky element is that the meters are located in a communal cupboard about forty metres from the house in a Wi-Fi and phone dead spot. Could make the relaying of information quite tricky but I’m sure they’ll find a way.