English Whisky

I’ve just started trying a few of these. Apparently there are currently 18 distilleries in operation in England. The oldest available whisky is an 11 year old bottling from the St George’s distillery in Norfolk. They started in 2006. I have a bottle of it but not yet tried it. I have had their no age statement The English Original which is very decent.

Some are already acquiring cult status and batches sell out fast ( ie Bimber based in London). My personal favourite so far is Cotswolds Distillery who have batch released 4 year old whisky now for the last three years. They also make a fine gin too.

The good thing about many of these distilleries is that they are bottling at higher strength and are avoiding chill filtration and are going for a quality, artisan product.

This is a craft whisky scene worth watching, especially as the whiskies start to take on some age in cask.
Thanks for sharing. I have never had an English whisky yet, however I am very much pro-artisinal production - and almost exclusively buy 46% or greater whisky and do my best to avoid artificial colouring and chill filtration.
Information update: It would appear that there are now 33 whisky distilleries in England. Not all have yet released a whisky as they have only been set up in the last 2-3 years and whisky, to be called whisky, needs to have been aged in barrels for a minimum of 3 years.

Clearly this is a rapidly developing scene.