Eric Bordelet Sidre

I saw this producer referenced and looked into him and became fascinated. I know it’s a beer forum but assume a quick cider excursion is fine.
I think I was fascinated as I read the details of a few of his ciders and looked up the first one to find its £35 per 500ml !!.
Now that should put me off but I’ve ordered some though mainly bottles of the “cheaper” stuff.

Who has experience and what can you tell me.
Yes most are around £11-15 but there is one that is around £35 per 500ml - Corme
It sounds fantastic. Hope to have them here soon so will find out. Have a few types so will report.
Good to know others have had positive experiences.
Thank me if you like them :) is the official supplier though some continental suppliers have better stock,
The Argelette is next for me so let me know but the pear ciders are great if a little more expensive. Authentique and Granit (which I’ll try tomorrow) fairly impressed by first bottle and discovered my old love of cider again possibly but see how I feel after 15 bottles. :)