Fanzia Moscato wine

Hey all,

I was in the US recently and tasted Fanzia Moscato (I prefer white). Since returning I have searched for the wine without luck. It is a very popular wine in the UK and great as a desert wine.

Any one knows if this wine is available in the UK?
No idea on your particular producer, but if you like Moscato I would point you in the direction of Justerini & Brooks and The Wine Society, who both stock an excellent Moscato D'Asti
In the right circumstance Moscato can be great - light, fresh, crunchy. Great with desserts where you don't want to be over faced with richness or heaviness.

But I would say Moscato in general is quite unfashionable- probably largely due to a backlash against low quality "Asti Spumante" in the 70's and 80's, along with general customer ignorance.

Look on the bright side though: unfashionable = good value