Fullers and Friends

This is currently available in Waitrose. A box of six beers brewed by Fullers with six different brewers. I have tried them all except a saison brewed with Marble brewery. My favourite is "Flora and the Griffin" with Thornbridge. This is an excellent blend of tropical fruit and chewy malt from Rye. Close second is" New England IPA" with Cloudwater. This is very fruity with balanced bitterness. Not very hazy and probably less fruity and more bitter than the real thing but I really liked it. "Rebirth" with Moor is based on the original recipe for ESB. This can't be the same, as there are hops from USA and Australia included, but I could taste similarities with the original. It has a more complex fruitiness with lemon/lime notes with the orange. "Peat Souper" with Hardknott is the one I thought I would like best. This is a smoked porter. It is marred by high carbonation. Clearly complex, but the flavours don't quite blend for me. There is also a dry-hopped lager which is fairly dull.

Overall this is worth trying. At least three of these beers I would want to drink again.