Fullers sold to Asahi

Tom Cannavan

I believe they were already in some sort of business tie-up, but apparently the entire beer business, including the beer brands like London Pride, etc., and the Chiswick Griffin Brewery, have been sold for 250m to the Japanese drinks group. Fullers will now run its pubs and hotels, but will no longer be a brewer. Quite a shock really.
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It really is, particularly as that is what they were good at. The beer that comes out of the brewery is excellent but its quality is very often compromised by poor cellaring and grotty and grasping pubs. The brewery is certainly primest real estate.
They have stated that they will continue brewing at the Griffin brewery, Thom, but I would also bet good money that the site will be redeveloped in the future and that they will follow Young's out in the sticks somewhere. The Hogarth roundabout wouldn't be the same without the odd smell of wort mingling with the diesel fumes....

Tom Cannavan


Astonishing. I drank most of my Vintage Ales, which I used to buy a couple of each year, but I knew I had a couple in the cellar still and just checked - two bottles of 2005, which is listed at £300 per bottle. I think I will put these on vinXchange to see if they attract any reasonable offers!
This has been going on for a while, but about 5 years ago I shared three mixed dozens of past their sell by dates vintage ales from the brewery shop with my next door neighbour. £1 a bottle. I would say I wish we hadn't drunk them but they were very enjoyable and the best of them was easily worth a fiver.
I was discussing this with a friend who said she had enjoyed two bottles on Christmas Eve without realising how much they appear to be worth. I do wonder how many really sell at the listed prices. Let us know how you get on Tom.

FWIW apologies for the delay in responding - I had to get a new computer.