Fuller's Vintage Ale 2007 (8.5%)

550ml bottle served in a 16oz tulip glass. Bottle No. 121406.

Well, this worked out quite handily - my wife had commented over the weekend that the number of bottles I was aging had actually increased, rather than decrease, thus it was time for some tastings from the Royal "cellar". The other favourable point about choosing this beer is that the Fuller's website actually states that the 2007 Vintage Ale will "peak" in 2016, so I humbly feel that I was right on the money with this one.

It was also nice to be tasting a beer that didn't feature Pacific North-West hops, the hops in the Vintage Ale being Fuggles, Target and Super Styrian, with Maris Otter barley.

Unsurprisingly, we began with a nose of whisky (even though there's none in the beer), rich caramel and horse chestnuts. The lovely creamy body gave a flavour profile which paid homage to a myriad of dark fruits, with dates, dark cherries and stewed prunes being dominant.

Port Wine notes were also evident, with soft malt, caramel, raisins and walnuts, all of which led into a butterscotch finish accompanied with light leafy herbal hops coupled with warm vinous notes.
A absolute stunner, to be sure. Next up, the Fuller's 2008 Vintage Ale!
That's a £50.00 bottle of beer! I too have the 2007, but will I drink it? I have a couple of bottles of 2006 (worth £56.00 each) and one 2008 (£44.00). Are you aware of the recent massive price increases?
I found out the prices when I checked the Fuller's website yesterday, under the "order online" link. You don't have a 2005 by chance? That's worth 145-notes!

I'd say enjoy the 2007 in its "peak" year. There's a certain satisfaction in knowing that one is drinking a beer that is fabulously expensive.
Daft prices. I picked up vintages 2005-2008 at less than £5 (Tesco in Milngavie consistently sold them off reduced). Certainly worth £10 a bottle as they are superb beers. Anyone paying £145 for a bottle of beer needs medical help.
I'm sure I bought them for under £4 in Waitrose (I stopped buying them after 2008), though I could be wrong. No, I haven't any 2005, though I have had a 2005 (when it was new), but ...The chances of me drinking the only remaining 2007 are slim, I think. I remember my first post here in around 2011, listing all my old beers. I still have them all. I've giving up trying to drink them. Actually, I think I did have a 2007 Vintage Ale last year which was really nice...the most tempting beer I have is possibly a Sierra Nevada Bigfoot from 2008...Anyway, I assume the 2005 won't be at its best, so why charge so much?
A couple of years back I bought two mixed dozens of old vintages back to 2004. They worked out at £2 per bottle including delivery direct from the brewery shop
I'd be hesitant in using the word 'worth' as I don't think any beer is worth £50 though I can see that Fuller's are pricing (selling?) them at £50+ though I do wonder if we're on the threshold of a wine style collectable revolution in the beer world. Do I see £1000? £1100 anyone? Going, going...

I bought a 1999 bottle from the Fuller's shop a while back for £7 and it had gone over so if you're paying £150 for the privilege it's not for the taste. I think I might hold off drinking any of my boxed Vintage Ales just in case I get a call from Sotheby's. Good job I kept the empty boxes too.