General Beer Note Thread

Cromarty 'Happy Chappy' is a cracker. If anyone wants to know what Roger P's beloved descriptor 'sappy orange' means, buy this. Barrowloads of citrus fruits on the nose. I was a bit worried on first sip suspecting this to be another 'nice hair no trousers' but it has just enough body to balance but keep it refreshing. I really thought this would not be a beer for me (golden colour, hoppy style) but I went out an picked up another 6.

Fruh Kolsh was new to me. I like Kolsh and this carried a soft biscuit flavour that reminded me of the burton style. Really nice.

Jever. Brilliant. Don't need to add much.

Hartington IPA. Brewed very local, this brewery is gaining quite a following. This is a well judged beer at the bottom end of IPA happiness and bitterness. Very pale but carrying a most refreshing finish.

Groots 'Old Goat' 6.8% is (I suspect) a rebranding of Coastal Brewing Zeus IPA. Bitter beyond palatable with no flavour or aroma to speak of. Had I brewed this I would have poured it away never mind sell it.

Guinness out a can with a widget. Couldn't taste anything. There was some wetness so the can was certainly full of something. Serves me right for using up party leftovers.
I have been drinking a few local bottle-conditioned beers from the area of Beds, Cambs and Northants. I think I put 2 or 3 on the old beer forum, I can't remember. None of them were outstanding but the bottle-conditioning on most of them was sound, which was surprising for small breweries. The most recent ones were from the Tinshed brewery in Kimbolton. The first one was a bitter, I can't remember the name. It was flat with no condition. I poured it away. This was the first beer I had which was not properly conditioned. I tried the other, a 4.8% stout called Black Stoat. This was low carbonation but had better condition. It was sweetish and quite good. I probably won't buy again from this brewery as the bottle-conditioning does not seem to be reliable.

Canned Guinness is the worst form of Guinness available. A truly wretched beer
Enjoyed a couple of strong and sweet winter beers from cask recently. Chew chew from Fallen - a salted caramel stout. Old Norway from Swannay (formerly the highland brewing company). Both terrific breweries who rarely put out a bad beer.