Ginger beer

Fentiman’s is pretty good. Not tried Crabbies but their ginger wine was better than Stone’s, I seem to remember, but I only ever drink it mixed with cheap Scotch at the halfway hut on our golf course in winter!
Belvoir do a very good ginger cordial you can make up with your preferred fizzy water. In Waitrose. There is another brand I can’t recall in the syrups that have a very interesting ginger ale syrup but is more seriously priced.
I am not so convinced by Fevertree mixers as I once was, I think the “sugar tax” has influenced their recipes.The low cal, Med and straight tonic seem dreadfully bitter.
However, their Spiced Orange Ginger Ale has an Autumnal Twist that works brilliantly with Aperini (Aldi gin Liqueur).
Had to move on from Aperol Spritz as the Sun has gone on its holidays.