Glasgow Festival of Wine / SuperBOWL

Tom Cannavan


As discussed on the previous forum the legend lives again, and SuperBOWL will take place in Glasgow over the weekend of 10-11 June. The official title will be 'The Glasgow Festival of Wine', which will be used to sell tickets to non-forumite local wine lovers for the day-time main tasting on 11th June.

I have already signed up eight terrific exhibitors and the full list of those will be announced ASAP. I am also creating a mini web-site for the event to contain this information.

For now, there is a holding page for the event under the "News & Events" tab above. It contains some more details of the programme for the weekend and, crucially, a 'Register Your Interest' form. I would urge everyone who thinks they will attend to complete this form now. The mailing list you will join is exclusively for information and announcements about the event and will be much easier for me to manage than repeating or announcing information in various different places. It guarantees you will hear about tickets going on sale, BYO dinners being arranged, etc. first. It does not commit you to anything at this stage.

I expect we will have Offline threads for the Friday night dinners and other side events in due course, with some local forumites already making preliminrary plans or these.

I look forward to welcoming lots of forumites to the sunny and wonderful paradise that is Glasgow.

Go to Glasgow Wine Festival registration page: Glasgow Festival of Wine, 11th June 2016 - Winepages