Glen Grant 1997

Glen Grant by Gordon & Macphail, Reserve, Speyside, Distilled 1997/Bottled 2013 (58.2%)

This is a recent purchase, a cask strength bottling of a Glen Grant by Gordon & Macphail for a local wine store in Edmonton (Canada). Distilled in 1997 and bottled in 2013 it is effectively a 15 year-old malt.
GlenGrant'97a.JPG GlenGrant'97b.JPG
This is a very elegant malt, clean and fine-boned. It is almost 60% and needs a good dash of water to tame the fieryness. The nose is quite distillate-driven, with cereal and malt notes to the fore, coupled with white flowers, and a touch of white peach and a spicy or peppery tone. Very nice. The palate has a similar profile but the alcohol almost demands that it be diluted even more. Again, dry distillate, very clean and proper, with the malt, pepperiness, and alcohol to the fore. Diluting it furthur is a mistake, it makes it muddy and difuse.

This is a very fine, quality malt. It requires a delicate hand to add the correct amount of water but it does reward. Neither peaty nor sherried, this is one for those who like clean, distillate driven malts. It reminded me of the Aultmore 12 though not as refined if I remember correctly. However for £34 that I paid this is a stellar buy.

Cheers ................... Mahmoud.
Glen Grant from the 60s and 70s is readily available at auction and until relatively recently could be picked up for a song. This looks to be a good 'bothy' malt - can I ask where you bought it?
I bought it here in Edmonton, Canada. Wines and Beyond is the name of a local wine store that sells premium products,

Bottles of Glen grant from the 60s and 70s ought to be very good.