NWR Google Alerts

I've been using Google Alerts for a few months now - they're an invaluable news-gathering tool for my work - but over the weekend, my alerts stopped coming in and no amount of fiddling with the settings seems to be bringing them back.

Googling around for a fix brings up lots of talk about how the alerts don't work very well and haven't for some time, but nothing that tells me how to sort the problem out.

Has anyone else had problems with them and if so, have you found a way to get them working again?
Yep, been having problems for quite a while now.
I have alerts for my name, my business and my clients. I hardly seem to get alerts these days, even though myself and my work in Bolivia has had quite a lot of media exposure recently.
Would love to know a fix.
I have one set up for the work name, but since we are both a US sports writing cliché and a popular film it has never been particularly useful. But now you mention it the last one was on the 19th.
Geordie, have you tried creating a fresh Google account and recreating alerts - I’d do it on a clean browser or create a new user in Chrome first. What I’ve noticed is that you only get X results, so if your search term is commonly used, not all coverage is surfaced. Also wondered if they check if you are following links and reduce intervals if not.

Mine is for a very popular term so I get one daily. None since 20th Aug though.
I had mine set for "as-it-happens" and was getting so many alerts coming in all the time that I was struggling to keep up but then they just stopped completely over the weekend. I've tried using another of my Google accounts, but nothing is coming on that one either. Interesting that both Colin and George have had theirs stop at around the same time, so perhaps it's a Google-wide issue.