Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (7.5%)

I've recently returned to this beer. Surely one of the best supermarket beers available (4 for £5.00 in ASDA). A fine hoppy stout. Guinness has the ability to make excellent beers. Unfashionable, no doubt, but I think it's a flawless beer. I recently watched a television programme from the fifties where someone asked for a Guinness in a pub and got a bottle and a stemmed glass. Would it have tasted like this beer? I presume it would have been weaker (and bottle conditioned)...
I had one of these tonight. Is it me or is this blander than it used to be? The soured fruit element is just about noticeable but less pronounced than before. I know they used to brew this with a proportion of aged Guinness. Not sure if they still do, or perhaps they do not age it for so long. It is still good but does not seem as complex and intense as it was.

I remember drinking the bottle-conditioned Guinness in the 70's. I can't remember when they stopped doing this; I know it was still available in Ireland after they stopped selling it in the UK. I am fairly sure both the bottled and draught versions were much better than they are today. I think they were the same strength as today, but I don't know if it was the same in the Fifties. They did bring out a stronger version of Guinness in the UK in the 70's or early 80's but it was short-lived.
Well, almost two years later and it's now 4 for £6.00. Chilled, it has a quite harsh hoppy bitterness (I'm assuming it's the hops), but as it warms it becomes smoother and sweeter (though still bitter). And good, soft carbonation. At £1.50 this is still excellent value. Very impressed with it. The 7.5% is needed but not felt at all.