Gulden Draak Nitro Party - the verdict.

The only Nitro-beers I've ever tolerated are the Irish Dry Stouts - I had a Nitro-Old Speckled Hen a while back, which should have been relabeled "Warm Dishwater".

That said, Nitro-Gulden Draak (11%) was very pleasant and I picked up the same dark fruit, raisins, spices and yeasty fruitiness that comes with the non-Nitro version. It didn't seem like a Nitro beer at all. Impressive!
The Brewmaster's Edition (10.5%) was disappointing. For all the talk of how rare it is on tap, it seemed very pale and lightweight. It's matured in whisky barrels, which I could barely pick up at all. There was a candy-like sweetness, light caramel and a touch of almond cake with dried fruits. This one didn't quite hit the spot. IMG_0922.JPG
The 9000 Quad (10.7%) was a joy. It had a creamy mouthfeel, with rich flavours of cloves, honey, candied cherries with a white bready backbone and notes of coriander in the finish. The ABV was well hidden.

Lastly, The Public House features over a hundred bottles, but I HAD to return to Almanac's Cognac Barrel Noir (10%), one of my all-time favourite beers. This Imperial Stout aged in Remy Martin barrels was simply stunning: A smooth silky body with creamy, rich flavours of sweet caramel, a touch of light hops, light roasted coffee, dark chocolate with vinous, woody notes leading into a finish of chocolate and Cognac.
The Cognac was not overdone and yet played its part in a beautifully balanced beer. Just gorgeous! Almanac is one of those "cult-status" brewing companies in the U.S. While known for their Barrel-aged beers and sours, their unfiltered Almanac IPA is a masterpiece, followed closely by their San Francisco IPA.
A great evening and yes, my wife drove us home!
The Almanac's Cognac Barrel Noir sounds fantastic! Interestingly, the 9000 Quad is 10.5% in the bottle...I haven't seen the Brewmaster's Edition...Actually, I may have seen it online in a 750ml bottle, though I'm not sure. Anyway, looks good, though it must have been a heavy night.