Gulden Draak Nitro Party!

Coming to The Public House in La Jolla on February 2nd. This is a terrific little pub-influenced bar, which leans heavily on draught (and bottled beers) from Belgium.

While nitro-Gulden Draak does sound a bit iffy, the GD that we know and love, plus the 9000 Quad will also be on tap.

Also available is the bottled version of Almanac's Cognac Barrel Noir (10%), which is their Imperial Stout aged for over a year in puncheons - double sized oak barrels - of Remy Martin cognac. I had this for the first time at The Public House a while back and thought it was stunning.

It should be a fascinating evening...

But...Why? Anyway, if you go report back...What effect would it have on the beer (especially as it is so strong (smoother?))? And I'm sure the draft Belgian beer will be a bit different from the bottle versions...
Imperial Stout aged in Remy Martin barrels sounds like a beer to die for. I love imperial stout and Remy Martin.

Does the partially obscured sign refer to world famous burgers or is this a different spelling of lagers?
Hi Alan: The partially obscured sign is due to a bloody great wooden pole that the Nitro Party flyer was attached to.

That's my wife's hand keeping the flyer straight so that I can get a photo of it. Apparently, their burgers are pretty special and that's what they're advertising in the pole-obstructed photo although we've only ever drank there. Review on the way...