Hornes Triple Goat Porter

500ml bottle-conditioned 4.6%

Local-ish beer for me. Interesting for the use of American hops. Along with the roast malt and light coffee flavour is quite a strong citric flavour. I have never tasted a porter quite like it. More like a black IPA than a porter. Actually better than a few black IPAs I have tried. Bottle-conditioning is well done. I might buy this again.
I tend to agree. I have had one or two that have been okay, but none I have really liked. I think bitter roast malt flavours and bitter citric flavours tend to work against each other rather than blend together. They do seem to be fairly common now, so I suppose some people must like them
I suspect it's a dying 'style'. I haven't heard of a new one for quite a while. I don't think it's fashionable now. Tonight I had a white IPA from Adnams...
Black Sheep brought one out recently. St Austell have one in Tesco but I am not sure how new that is.

Isn't the Adnams white IPA a cross between an IPA and a wheat beer? I think I have had this and quite liked it.
I've had the St Austell one, Black Job, but it seems like none of the smaller, trendier breweries are producing new black IPAs...Cloudy ('New England') IPAs, on the other hand, seem to be all the rage.