Hurry up, Good M&S Offer!

Yes, some nice beers including Adnams White IPA and Nogne Saison are £1.00. The latter (clearance price, unfortunately) is a particularly good deal. And as there is a 4 for 3 offer on at the moment, they are 75p a bottle! How much would bottles of Nogne cost in an off license? The Nogne beer has (thankfully) gentle carbonation, a nice hoppiness (East Kent Golding and Crystal), lots of sediment and a lovely fruity/woody flavour. Quite light for its strength (6.5%), but a very well made beer. I bought eleven bottles, I think I'll save some to age for a bit. Such a shame I've only just tried it. I didn't trust it for some reason, but it's one of the best beers I've had recently...
I go in M & S fairly regularly but have not seen this offer. I don't recall seeing any Nogne beers in any of them in my area. There is a Tesco which was selling the Saison and pale ale. The pale ale is good but I have not tried the Saison. I will see if Tesco still have it. Not for 75p though!