I can't drink this type of beer anymore...

I certainly used to...I presume the American IPAs I used to drink had different hops, used hops in a different way (this is 7-10 years ago). Shortly after finishing the Vocation beer, the thought came to me that it could do with some age, that it was too green, too young...Perhaps it lacked the malt of the American IPAs I used to drink...I suspect I'm just getting old, and nostalgic for the beer I enjoyed years ago (the Victory beers, Sierra Nevada Celebration (totally different from modern IPAs), the old Ruination etc.)....Actually I wouldn't think of buying the Cloudwater DIPAs...though I am aware of these beers...I used to love double IPAs...I'm sure they are fantastic beers. How much did you pay for that one, Ian?
That's not too bad, I suppose, considering the interest in that series of beers...Yes, I might buy it if I see it in a shop (which is unlikely)...I actually think I would prefer contemporary DIPAs to normal IPAs...
The new canned version of Ruination - from Stone's Berlin brewery, so reaches UK in weeks rather than months - might be the beer to restore your faith, David.

I also really like the Go To IPA (a session IPA) out of can but the regular IPA is a little underwhelming at the moment.
Sorry to have to say this (well don't say it, then!), but tonight I tried another Vocation beer, their pale ale, and didn't like it at all. Very dry and very intense. Perfume, bitterness, tropical fruit etc. I actually bought it because someone compared it to Sierra Nevada's pale ale. Not even close. I couldn't finish it. I'm now enjoying a can of Stone IPA (6.9%), canned last month. This is more like a proper beer!