Independent food suppliers

Especially during this time, it's good to support the little guys. Given that markets are generally closed and restaurants are (other than the takeaways). I was thinking it might be useful to hear suggestions on where to buy stuff that can be sent mail order.

While watching Masterchef, I was told by Lauren that I should endeavor to get some venison in. I came across this place that seemed worth a shot. Trouble is, I'm not sure what I should buy. Maybe something basic for a stew or something posher to grill for steaks?

I presume the likes of Farmison and T&G are still going (I know that the T&G delivery slots were getting further out, so they must be doing well).

I bought a pack of frozen fish from Marrfish - and the sea bream was certainly very good indeed.
Venison liver & kidneys are usually really good eating. Heart will be great: thinly slice and flash fry or BBQ, rather than long braise older recipe books will recommend.

Had a neck of venison last week which was superb. Took about 8 hours cooking though.

I've had some very good meat from's stall on Blackburn Market in the days we were allowed out, and have just ordered some online.

Also ordered a shed load of cheese from Courtyard Dairy near Settle at the weekend. But they're struggling to keep up with demand (in terms of cutting, packing & shipping, not in terms of supply of cheese).

I've already mentioned in another thread the Williams Hand Baked site for superb biscuits and other baked goods.

I've not yet found anywhere that delivers fruit and veg based on what I want, rather than pre-selected boxes. I'd better just order some vitamin C to go with my increased meat consumption. I don't think you can get vitamin C from wine, can you? ;)

I'm getting worried about missing out on the English asparagus season too.
King Stone Dairy are currently selling Rollright cheese half price (£20 for a 1 kilo cheese delivered).

We used a local food supply business that is now selling direct to the public last week. Not sure I would bother again. Quality of the food was OK but not great.

Using our local butchers, neither of whom deliver unfortunately.

Have discovered a farm shop in Dorset that it now delivering a range of products. We are going to try them next week to see what they are like. I will report back.
I read stuff like this and weep. As my wife is vegan it’s hard to justify buying a lot of things because even with a small order you get so much. I’ve been so jealous of friends showing their charcuterie, meats and cheese on social media.

We get our very tasty veg from Riverford and our coffee from Coffeemongers (six bags last three weeks which for me is okay for freshness), and we have found a local wholesale baker who is now delivering locally (their “vegan box” also contains focaccia, muffins, rolls, pains aux chocolats and a banana loaf).

I’d love some cheese. Interestingly my cravings are for a ham and pickle sandwich and a rotisserie chicken, things I never normally crave, but the night before the lockdown I shared a large piece of gorgeous dead cow with a forumite and I still dream about it.
Won't Mrs C let you have such things at home, David? the secret to storing larger quantities divided into practical amounts is to purchase an inexpensive vacuum packing machine, which works exceptionally well for hard cheeses and all charcuterie and pretty well for softer cheeses; though a little jiggling is required with those so they don't get squashed, I've preserved ripe cheeses that we weren't able to eat immediately for months with almost no loss of quality.There are good arguments against all that plastic, though biodegradable versions are starting to be available, but there are as always with plastic also good food waste arguments to be made in its favour.
Not heard of coffeemongers before David, when/if this wretched lockdown is lifted and I’m back down the Forest I’ll be sure to pop in when next in Lymington.

I’m not quite sure I’d call the New Forest a coffee cultural destination yet though. ;)
Just to mention Basco Fine Foods are operating as usual - they are importers of various Spanish foods/ingredients - this is where I sourced my xmas suckling pig from, the quality of which was absolutely sensational. I have in fact just ordered another one for my birthday in a few weeks time (seeing as I won't be spending it at Bordeaux WIMPS followed by Chez Bruce as originally planned...).

They also do various cuts of Iberico pork, Galician beef, milk fed lamb etc as well as cured meats, cheeses, frozen seafood and store cupboard ingredients.

Free, named day delivery nationwide with orders over £60