Food Informal dining in Liverpool

Tomorrow we're dumping both the kids with the grandparents and going for our first weekend away in three years. However, on account of having two small children, I haven't gotten round to planning anything!

So I thought I'd tap up the W-P hive mind: where's good/interesting to eat in Liverpool? Nothing formal, just very tasty. We'll probably go for one lunch (could just be a good café) and one evening meal. Open to any style of cuisine. Not really bothered about an interesting wine list, although it would be an added bonus.

London Carriage Works was decent a few years back. I note the now offer ‘saltwater’ cod...

Berry and Rye for drinks.

Find a half decent cafe for a plate of scouse and red cabbage.
Wreckfish Bistro corner of Slater and Seel is reliable and pretty good value with 2 courses for £19 or 3 for £22 at lunch time. Vedett Belgian beer if you don’t want wine.
Okay, it's not at all informal, but my first port of call in Liverpool would be the Art School. Beautiful room, classy food, good wine service.

Similarly, it's 10-15 mins drive outside Liverpool, but not going to Moor Hall would be a criminal waste of an opportunity. Think L'Enclume, but better in all respects. Don't think you'd have a problem getting in for Fri/Sat lunch.

I've not been to Wreckfish, but on the experience of other Gary Usher sites, it will be the best sort of informal, neighbourhood restaurant, albeit one that's worth travelling to. Another branch, Burnt Truffle is on the Wirral.

Lunya in Manchester is pretty rubbish in my view, so I wouldn't expect the Liverpool original to be any less avoidable.
Any less avoidable... I'm stealing that one.

Oh and second the Carriage Works and for sure the assessment of Moor Hall. I enjoyed my most recent meal more than the previous one at L'Enclume. The sommelier is brilliant at Moor Hall and almost everything is available by the glass too. They also have a much more informal place on site called The Barn iirc, which treated me to the most perfectly cooked cod and buttery mash I could have wished for at lunch.