Is this too much?

I saw Brewdog anniversary barrel aged imperial stout in a beer shop today. 16%. This was over £13 for a 300ml bottle. I was tempted but did not buy. I would have bought it at half the price. I appreciate that a barrel-aged beer of this strength it not going to be cheap, but isn't this too much? On the other hand it seems much better value than a Fullers 1997 Vintage ale.
It would always depend on how it tastes. I've happily paid a tenner or a touch over for a 75cl bottle of some Italian beers, and feel I got decent value. I wouldn't be drinking 2-3 of them, but more usually it's with a meal, with which they worked very well.

Personally I've never got on with beers over 10% alc (and indeed often struggle with > 8%) so it's an easy pass. It being Brewdog only makes that decision all the more certain.