It’s my first post on this site so please be gentle.

Cheers! And happy craft beer drinking from sunny San Diego, California. I’m looking forward to sharing craft beer experiences from my small part of the world.
For my first post, I’d like to write about an Alesmith Decadence Anniversary Maple Smoked Barley Wine from 2011. Yes, this beer has been in my cellar since then. One could safely say I have a beer hoarding problem and less of an issue with beer drinking, but I digress.
This 750 ml bottle of barley wine has a wonderfully warm, toasted malt flavor with substantial notes of maple and carmel. Very well balanced and velvety smooth mouth feel. Very little alcohol bite.
I really enjoyed this beer. I look forward to sharing more beers with you all.7FB3E50A-D6E6-4418-AFC8-99B2D724F364.jpeg

Tom Cannavan

Welcome Chris. A really tempting looking bottle of beer that. Not sure many of us on the UK side of the pond will have tasted it, but on my visits to the US I have found plenty of great craft beers.
Sounds delicious, though I haven't drunk a big bottle of beer that strong for years (I've found that if you take your time, it's fine). Once I decide to keep a beer for a while I find I can't drink it. I think I have stuff from 2004. I've been trying to drink a bottle of 2008 Bigfoot for years (I'm convinced it will still be hoppy). I have beer from breweries that disappeared years ago. I have the odd discontinued beer (such as Brooklyn's Monster Ale). I have a 750ml bottle of Cantillon that I bought (I could be mistaken) for around £7.90, just before it became fashionable.There is no chance of me drinking that. I have bottles of Lees Harvest Ale from 2008 that seem to have developed massive amounts of sediment. I've quite a few Belgian beers from over ten years ago such as Orval and St Bernardus. Anyway, well done for drinking it. It sounds like you don't regret it.