Japanese whisky

Not something I’ve ever tried, but a few people I know have started collecting it, as prices are apparently going through the roof.

does anyone know if the whiskies are particularly good, or is it a just a currently trend thing, or is it scarcity driven? Looking into prices, seems like bottles easily go into the hundreds, which seems to get you into the limited release 25 year old Scottish malt territory.....
They haven't got a lot of aged stocks (allegedly) and it's very trendy, demand outstrips supply. It is good, but for me it doesn't live up to the hype/price. Nikka straight from the barrel is fairly widely stocked and sensibly priced if you'd like to try one.
Ok thanks! I thought it may be supply/demand driven rather than quality... I also heard that they are allowed to blend whisky from other countries (mainly Canada and Scotland) and still label as Japanese too.... it’s not something I’m looking to get into myself (only just starting to explore Scottish malts!) but was curious as to why it seems to becoming ‘a thing’
Well you can try the blend one to see if you like the style, for investment you need to buy the reputed ones. Basically the same as grape based wine.
Hi Ed... the time to get into the Japanese Whisky market was at least 10 years ago.....it is very 'topy' now!

I have been a collector since the 90s and the quality is extraordinary, if you know what you are buying. The suggestion of starting with a cask strength Nikka to find out if you enjoy the style, is a very good one. At this point in time buying as an investment is perilous, a little like the Scottish malt market!

As Po is on the thread I would also recommend Taiwanese whisky, not a million miles from Japanese in style and at cask strength a real bargain tipple.
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Thanks mark!! I’m not planning on getting involved in investing myself, (I spend enough on wine as it is!) more a point of curiosity!
There is only one famous house from Taiwan, Kavalan. There are many different casks, some won prizes. I bought a prize winning vino cask in Jan but my luggage was over weight so I had to leave it at home. Now I can't even go back home this year... I got a sherry cask in London, don't mind to open to share if we can arrange some kind of offline.
Is it sweet Po or well balanced? How would you say it compares to a Scottish malt?
The sherry one is dark, rich and sweet in a tropical fruit way (compared to the American style). I am told that the white wine cask version is a bit more 'traditional' but I haven't tried it myself. I bought it last year but my luggage overweight, so it's at home for now.
There is a higher end of sherry cask version which is double the price, the one that got into "the top 100 whiskey" book. Well, even double the price it is still acceptable if you buy it in Taiwan!
I am of the opinion that both Japanese and Taiwanese whiskies are overpriced compared to single malts from Scotland. There was a time when the Yamazaki 12yo was competitive but now it is gone and the replacement NAS is way more expensive.