NWR Kitchen Thread

Can only imagine the size of the cable connecting a big induction hob to the power supply in North America... With 110v they will draw a massive current.
There is a c. 240V feed for ovens, cooktops and clothes dryers. (I have been tempted to run a 240V feed to a UK socket for a toaster and kettle too as the 110V models are frustratingly slow/ineffective)
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Just as a general note, I have found there to be a big delay, increasing lead t8mes in sourcing products.
I have just ordered our new Britannia ranger cooker and opened for ex display rather than the mystery.
Same with Bosch proudcts and many others I suspect.
Speaking to the owner of a garden centre haulage costs have currently spiked nationally , as well as freight from inter alia china
Yes, same here, on everything. We waited 8 months for a basic fridge replacement last year at the old house. We are planning for the kitchen renovation in the autumn so that we can order everything well in advance. Appliance retailers here are saying not to expect anything before July.
Cooker? Bloody newfangled jargon.

What's wrong with hearth?
I do vividly remember the description of the difference between an oven and a cooker in Danny The Champion of the World, which I must have read at around age 8. It had never occurred to me before that that they were different things.
. . . just as I'd like a freezer with varied coldness areas so that ice creams and sorbets could always be at the perfect temperature.
Not sure if you were intending to say you’d like it if one were available, or simply that you have a vague desire for one that is available. Anyway, I thought it worth pointing out that at least two brands provide compartments in which the specific temperature can be set, with a range from normal freezer temperatures through to well above freezing.

Everyone here was probably well aware of this, but I did not realise until looking at options recently; posted just in case I am not the only one.